My Jogja

Silver Jewellery Short Course @ Art Studio 76, Kotagede

One of my best friends from uni, Patricia came to visit last week and months before her arrival she requested we do something fun. So I googled for any short courses available in Jogja, and I stumbled into this TripAdvisor article. Art Studio 76 offers courses in silver smithing, and it is located in Kotagede, a district in Jogja famous for silver handicrafts. Courses offered range from 3-hour short courses to serious 5-day intensive courses. As we’d never done any metal-smithing of any kind before, we opted for the short course.

For the short course, there are 3 sessions in a day. It costs IDR 175,000 (USD 18, give or take), and you get to take home 5 grams of silver. Mas Agus, the owner of the studio, also serves as the instructor. He guides you through the entire process but at the same time, he lets you do most of the work.

I wanted to make something that would inspire me, so I made a speech bubble pendant with the word EUREKA! on it. Mas Agus gave me some silver scrap pieces and the first step was to melt them until they fuse together to form a nugget. After the nugget had cooled down a bit, I had to hammer it into the desired size and thickness. This was the most labour intensive part of the smithing process but all that hammering actually helped relieve stress! Hah!


Melting the scrap pieces

The next step was to cut the flattened silver nugget into the desired shape, using a pair of metal-cutting shears. Then the edges of the pendant was filed and smoothed with sandpaper.


Post-filing and smoothing

After smoothing both surfaces of the pendant with sandpaper, I stamped my name on the back side of the pendant and the word EUREKA! on the front with a metal stamping kit.



After stamping, both surfaces were filed and smoothed again and Mas Agus helped me drill a small hole where a jump ring would go. Then the pendant was given a quick dip in a sulphuric acid solution, cleaned with a metal brush and lerak (a kind of soapberry), and polished.




Art Studio 76

Purbayan KG 3/ 1190 Kotagede
Yogyakarta 55173 Indonesia

Contact : Agus Budiyanto
Tel : +62 274 714 7676
Mobile : +62 81 2278 2279
Email :

Click here for more information on courses offered by Studio 76.
Click here for a map to the studio.


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